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Welcome to American Pacific International Capital (APIC)

APIC Board of Directors


APIC Board of Directors: Chairman Mr. Gordon Tang (center), Mr. Neil Bush (right), and Dr. Wilson Chen (left)


APIC senior advisor Gary Locke


Former Ambassador of the United States of America to China, Mr. Gary Locke, has joined APIC as a senior advisor.


American Pacific International Capital, Inc. (APIC) was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in the US city of Portland, Oregon. APIC is a diversified international investment holding company with businesses throughout the US and China. APIC has its own management companies for its hotel, shopping mall and commercial buildings. Some of the businesses in the US include owning and managing the landmark KOIN building in Portland, a Class A office tower and development of residential real estate in Oregon. In addition, APIC also owns and manages five boutique hotels in downtown San Francisco, namely, Good Hotel, Best Western PLUS Americania, Carriage Inn, Hotel Metropolis and Hotel Vertigo. Additionally, APIC owns and develops two residential projects in downtown San Francisco and two large shopping malls in California. In Shantou, China, APIC owns and operates Ocean Panorama, a luxury hotel and multiple high-rise residential development projects. 

APIC board members include Mr. Gordon Tang (Chairman/President), Mr. Jinshan Mao (Vice President), Mr. Neil Bush, Mr. Wilson Chen and Mdm. Huaidan Chen.

As a private investment firm, APIC specializes in effectively utilizing its understanding of both the Asian and US markets to capitalize on investment opportunities during varying economic conditions. APIC is committed to creating quality investments with high returns for all of its investors.

If you are looking to expand your market in China or US, contact APIC:

American Pacific International Capital (APIC)
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