Chao An Specialty Development

The Chao An Specialty Development Project is situated on the northwest part of Chao An, at the foot of a mountain which is a prominent location. It is approximately 2 miles from the high speed rail, and 6 miles from Downtown Chao An. The Shan-Mei Highway conveniently crosses the center of the project from South to North direction, as Chao An is based at an ideal location and can be easily accessed through a variety of transportation.

12 specialty sub-projects including food, packaging, printing, steel, logistics, and distribution have been integrated into the design and planning of this project. It will take up a span of 1,003 acres of land, and will be divided into service, business and finance, tourist and residential, as well as commercial and industrial districts. The investment on the municipal infrastructure component of the whole project including land acquisition and other costs is about 0.33 billion US dollars, and the construction will take place in two phases.

The development and construction aspect of this project is handled by Chao An HaiBao Ltd. It is jointly invested by a district unit under Chao An Government, Chao An BaoShan Investment and Development Ltd, along with ShanTou Haiyi Co. Ltd on a 1:9 funding ratio.

Currently, the construction of the municipal infrastructure has been fully rolled out. The project is expected to be developed and delivered for paid occupancy by the end of 2016. Upon completion of the project, it will provide job opportunity to 75,000 people and living space for a population of 14,000 citizens.